Dr. Schmitt’s massage is a unique combination of classic methods of rehabilitation and those of yoga and other holistic approaches. It affects both physical and mental part of experience. It is an excellent means of eliminating psychosomatic ailments, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, panic attack, and headache.  It is an outstanding supplement to psychotherapy.
The massage appears to be almost indispensable when the need of perception of one’s own body is involved. This relates e.g. to clients/patients with post traumatic conditions and those suffering from malfunction of nutrition intake. It is also good to support process of healing in patients with post-surgery and post-traumatic conditions.
The massage can be used as a remedy in cases of insufficient metabolism, nerve blockage, hypo- and hypertension as well as blood pressure instability in general. Further, it is beneficial in cases of ulcer diseases and other “civilisation” diseases, female fertility problems, and for people with weakened immunity system.
It is applicable as means of relaxation and support for a life style change of people overburdened with work and living under stress, as well as a support for efficient weight control, improvement of immunity system, more efficient sleep and, ultimately, it provides sense of more joyful life.

Procedure: The massage is regulated by exhaling and other physiological processes of the body. Working with breathing harmonizes tone in muscle systems that prevent free breathing and cause discomfort and incorrect body posture. Gentle touches during the massage affect unconscious blockages caused by repetitive stress and unresolved problems.
This integrating massage supports self-healing abilities of the body system and brings it back to its proper balance.