About massage of Dr. Schmitt

The massage of doctor Schmitt  is a unique method  connecting  the classical methods of rehabilitation to procedures, based on yoga and other holistic approaches. It affects physical and mental experience. It  is also an excellent tool for  removal of psychosomatic and psychological problems. It can be used as supporting treatment procedure in cases of problem with metabolism, hypertension, peptic ulcer disease and other civilization illnesses, as well for women with conception related problems. It essential whenever there is a need to improve or change the perception of body – for clients with post traumatic conditions and  for  eating disorders. I is suitable to support the healing process of post-traumatic and postoperative conditions (after certain period of time). It is also useful as a method of relaxation and support of a lifestyle change for people suffering from the stress caused by excessive workload. It supports effective weight loss, improves the functioning of the immunity system, and contributes to more valuable sleep and  sense of joy in life.